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509 7th Street, Comfort, TX 78013

Molly, Hudson & Eddie





I began buying antiques as a hobby - it quickly turned into a passion - so I started selling them in a mall setting in San Antonio, Texas, as well as renting space at regional antique shows.  As things progressed, my day job became less appealing...
So began the quest to have a store of my own.  In 2000 I opened my first store in Boerne, Texas, while continuing to do area antique shows.  Towards the end of 2003 I moved to Comfort, Texas and opened my business there.

I am always on the hunt for new items at flea markets, antique shows and estate sales.  Whether it be period antiques or old treasures that can be repurposed, I enjoy putting things together that will turn a house into a home - and give the owner that sense of warmth and comfort we all love.

I invite you to my beautiful store to stroll around and perhaps find that decorative treasure for your home; and visit with my pugs, Molly, Hudson & Eddie - who have their own story and home in my store complete with furnishings.  Dog sized, of course! 

Stay tuned for links to all of the wonderful things we carry!

                                                 - Karen Frias, Owner